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Set a strong foundation with our bored piers!

When you need professional bored piers in Melbourne, Allworks Earthworks is the one you need to call. With our state-of-art equipment and skilled team, we guarantee to provide the most expert and cost-effective products and services in the industry. The durable and environmentally-friendly design of bored piers makes them a perfect solution for the uneven soil condition.

Drilling bored piers demands experts and our team has that knowledge and skills to carry out the task in the most efficient manner. Whether it is site-specific soil, rock or underground water, we have specialist equipment and expertise to install bored piers precisely. All our work is carried out to the Australian-approved standards and highest industry codes.

Why hire us for bored piers in Melbourne?

  • At Allworks Earthworks, bored piers are installed with minimum vibration and much lesser noise.
  • Being used in a wide range of applications, bored piers offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to all the projects requiring multiple load cases to be applied to the pile.
  • Our bored piers are adaptable to most ground conditions.

As the foundation piles, bored piers were designed to bear high loads, but based on its design and ground conditions, the capacity to take on high loads can vary significantly.

With our in-depth knowledge and industry experience, we’re committed to getting every job done to the highest standards on time and within budget.

When you need to lay a firm foundation in Melbourne, there is only name you do need to remember, i.e. Allworks earthworks. To discuss your specific requirements with our expert team, give us a call on 0421 100 840

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