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How Bobcat Works

September 13, 2018

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Bobcat is also known as the skid-steer loader, skid loader or a skidsteer. It is multi-purpose construction vehicle, that is a smaller version of a front-end loader or a backhoe with a one man caged control cabin in it. It has got lift arms on either side of the machine that is used to attach the variety of attachments or labour-saving tools.

  • It is a four-wheeled vehicle. The wheels are locked with synchronization on the either sides of the vehicle. Though the wheels do not have any separate steering, the wheels on the left side of the vehicle could be independently driven than the right-side wheels.
  • It can operate the left and right wheels at dissimilar speeds, this helps the machine turn by skidding or dragging its fixed-alignment wheels across the ground.
  • The torsional pressures caused by the dragging motion can also damage the machine, but the highly stiff frame and durable wheels’ bearings prevent the machine from getting damaged.
  • Bobcats can accomplish zero-radius, which can make them highly controllable and increases its value for the applications that majorly require a compressed, supple loader.
  • The arms of this machine are fixed on the either sides of the driver, joint with the pivot points behind the shoulders of the driver, keeping in mind the proximity of the driver’s moving booms.
  • This loader is built keeping in concern the safety and comfort of the operator.
  • This loader can move stuff from one place to another, carry material in its bucket and can also help in loading the stuff in other trucks.

How does the bobcat machine works?

There are various attachments according to the requirements, namely:

  • Snowblower attachment: Removes heavy snow
  • Trencher attachment: Makes trenches specifically for pipes, cables, drainage, etc.
  • Backhoe: Used for digging.
  • Hydraulic breaker: Thrasher’s concrete structures or rocks.
  • Pallet forks: Moves huge, bagged or palletized material quickly and easily.
  • Angle Broom: Sweeps and cleans the path easily and efficiently.
  • Auger: Drills and removes the drilled-out material.
  • Mower: Trims the rough land into a clean one.
  • Stump grinder: Grinds tree stumps into straw.
  • Tree spade: Digs and transplants trees with swiftness and effectiveness.
  • Ripper: It rips through the tough, hard packed, and frozen materials.
  • Tillers: Breaksthe new ground.
  • Cement mixer: Mixes cement.

The bucket of the loader could be replaced by these various attachments according to the usage of the machine.

Some skidsteer have the machines for automatic attachment changer.This helps the driver change between the different ground management, shaping, and flattening tools without leaving the operators cabin, with the help of a hydraulic control mechanism to lock it onto the attachments.

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