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Screw Piles vs Bored Piers

September 12, 2018

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A pier is basically an uplifted/raised structure that is supported by some foundation system whereas a pile is a perpendicular mechanical instrument of a deep foundation, drilled deep into the surface at the building location.

Screw piles

The screw is also known as screw anchors, helical piles, or helical anchors. The screw pile is the steel screw-in-piling and ground anchoring system that is used to contrast deep foundations.

  • These are the most cost effective type of piles found in the domestic as well as commercial construction regions/industries.
  • The screw piles are most speedy set-ups and cause the least amount of harm to the soil profile.
  • These are inserted in the ground similarly like a screw is drilled in the wood.
  • The machine for screw piles differs from skid-steer loaders to 5 tons through 80 tons’ bulldozers.
  • Specific drive additions help to attach the screw piles to the machine.
  • Correct installation would give good outcome, whereas if not installed properly, it might result in the overall poor performance of the pile.

Modern use and benefits of screw piles

  • In the recent time, the usage of screw piles has increased.
  • These are used everywhere from lighthouses to rails, roads, telecommunications, and also in various industries where the installations need to be fast, or at the sites where the construction is to be done near already existing sites.
  • Most of the industries prefer screw piles due to its cost efficiency.
  • Less soil is displaced with the help of screw piles, and also saves the transportation cost as well the reduces the carbon footprint on the project.
  • It has got easy installation.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • Could also be easily removed when the foundations are no more required.
  • It reduces risk to the workforce.

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Board Piers

The piles formed in the unified ground conditions are known as the bored piers. Bored piers are basically used as the foundation piles in order to limit the settlement of the structures they support; however, the method could also be useful to the building of soldier piles for absorbent walls.

  • The installation of board piers makes the lowest possible noise and causes vibrations.
  • The board piers are also cost effective and could be installed faster.
  • The board piers could be used with a large variety of attachments.
  • The board piers are smaller in size.
  • The diameter of a pier is almost around 450mm to 600mm.
  • The depth that a board pier can cover is 12 meters deep and the size of the auger may vary from 150mm to 1,200mm in the diameter.
  • These are designed to take on high working loads, but the loads achieve may vary depending on the conditions of the ground.
  • It also causes less destruction for the neighbouring area.

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