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Site Cuts Melbourne

In the Melbourne area, contractors for construction works specialize in particular fields to provide clients with the best services possible. Each step of the construction process requires a different set of experts and machinery. AllWorks EarthWorks is a company that has been providing excavation services and site cuts near Melbourne for over 20 years now.

The company was formed with the objective of providing clients with the very best in excavation and earth works. While you can hire any of the big construction companies in the area, even the largest contractors come to us for sensitive jobs like to plan site cuts. Melbourne and the surrounding areas have soil conditions that make it very difficult to undertake excavation jobs unless you have the right experience with the local soil types. AllWorks EarthWorks is the most experienced contractor in the Melbourne area!

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We undertake projects concerning-


  • Earthworks quantity calculations
  • Specifics site cuts as outlined in the plan
  • Removal of soil
  • Spread and track roll (Fill)
  • Rock Breaking
  • Bulk Excavation
  • Earthworks
  • Excavation of basements
  • Screw Piling Systems
  • Hire of excavation tipper trucks
  • Bored Piers

Our services include packages for domestic and commercial projects, and we do-

Soil Removal – Soil removal is a critical task, and this starts with the basic job of digging up the top soil and follows through with safely removing the loose gravel and debris from your site. We have the right kind of equipment to undertake big or small soil removal projects. From the biggest diggers and bulldozers to the right capacity tipper trucks; our enterprise is prepared for any scale of the project we may be assigned to!


Site Cuts – It is an engineering feat to accomplish site cuts. Melbourne based construction companies often have to undertake projects where a building is being expanded upon. AllWorks EarthWorks is one of those few enterprises in the area that has the experience and experienced personnel to undertake site cutting projects. Whether your plot needs to be cut for a new project, or you’re looking to add to your property, we promise excellence.


Excavation Works – We specialize in excavation works which include projects like rock cutting, piling works, as well as site cuts. Melbourne area has only a handful of expert excavators, but we have the equipment and expertise to undertake a complete range of work related to excavation. Whether you’re looking to build a massive underground parking, or simply digging for a backyard swimming pool, AllWorks EarthWorks can ensure precise work!


Plant Hiring Services – Our fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment are available for hire, and even some of the biggest construction companies come to us when they need the right machinery for projects. As one of the only expert excavators in the Melbourne area, clients hire everything from rock saws and augers, to tipper trucks and bulldozers from our fleet.


As a family-owned business that has over 20 years of experience with earthworks and site cuts; Melbourne’s biggest contractors trust our brand for their projects. We have always delivered projects within record time, and have never had instances of unsatisfied clients. Whether you want basic excavation tasks or complicated specialized site cuts in Melbourne, AllWorks EarthWorks ensures that your project requirements completely satisfied!

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