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The Benefits of Specialized Rigs for Piling and Drilling

September 13, 2018

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A rig is basically a huge truck sort of a vehicle, that issued for various purposes, used with different attachments required according to the usage of the vehicle.

Piling Rig

  • A piling rig is mainly used to apply drill in sandy soil, clay, etc. and is vastly used in diaphragm walls, substance strengthening, foundation developments and cast-in-place piles.
  • The operation of piling rig applies hydraulic operator control, a sensor for loading, which makes it comfortable as well as easier to control.
  • This rig could be used on piling building in dry (small screw), wet soil (rotating container) and rock (core borer) by preparing with drilling instrument.
  • The piling rig is widely used in substance engineering of the municipal building, bridges, expressway, civil and industrial structures, diaphragm ramparts, water conservancy development, Hill defence, etc.

There are three major types of piling rigs:

  • Small sized: drilling diameter: 0.5-12m, drilling depth: 40m
  • Middle sized: drilling diameter: 0.8-1.8m, drilling depth: 60m
  • Large sized: drilling diameter: 1-2.5m, drilling depth: 80m

Drilling Rig

  • This is used majorly to dig within the earth’s subsurface.
  • The drilling rig is utilized in the making of the water wells, oil wells or natural gas extraction wells, or to install sub-surface fabrications.
  • Bigger rigs can drill through thousands of meters of the Earth’s crust, with the help of large mud pumps.
  • Tons of pipes could be lifted with the help of hoists in the rig.

A drilling rig could further be classified on the basis of:

Power used:

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic
  • Steam

Pipe used:

  • Cable
  • Conventional
  • Coil tubing


  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Quadri

Method of rotation/drilling method:

  • No rotation
  • Rotary table
  • Top drive
  • Sonic
  • Hammer

The position of Derrick:

  • Conventional: The derrick is vertically fixed.
  • Slant: The derrick is slanted at an angle of 45 degrees in order to facilitate horizontal drilling.

Benefits of using specialized piling and drilling rigs

Every work is perfectly done when someone who is specialized in the field of that particular work, in the same way, this tough work of construction could perfectly be done by the machine that is basically made for it.

  • The specialized rigs are vigorous and durable.
  • A specialized rig may have all sorts of foundations installed with it, like the steel, concrete and timber piles.
  • Keep in mind the exact size of the pile and the drill while opting for the machine for the same.
  • Specialized, as well as rigs from recognized brands, have good height, as the one with great height can operate bigger piles and drillers.
  • Specialization of a rig will give better strength to the construction site.

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